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Is Your FSM Struggling

Posted on 8 February, 2019 at 14:55
A recent Article/ Blog I read from Rick McCormick of Reahard & Associates made me think about some of the challenges I have come across. Why do some FSM's produce better results than others given that their Training/Coaching and background are similar? We sometimes do not think about the way we come across in the 'TONE' in which we communicate as being a factor. Even thought we might be saying the same thing in are presentations / offerings, how we say it (TONE) might be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Our 'Confidence and or Conviction' come across in our TONE. Probable Purchasers buy our conviction before they consider our offering(s). In Rick's Article he states that research has indicated that 73% of respondents to a survey have indicated that the No.1 contributing factor that compels them to remain loyal to a company is "interaction with friendly & likable employees". It's as simple as the TONE of the experience. I have always advocated that meeting the consumer at the Sales Associates Desk; it really shows the consumer who is really important,... them! Consumers traditionally like the lead up to buying something they want, need, or desire, this is the part of the purchase process they like and for the most part enjoy the most. The process of having to pay for it is not so enjoyable. That is 'WHY' FSMs must in the comparably shorter time span needs to utilize their time to create an enjoyable experience, not something the consumer has to 'ENDURE'. My old Sales Manager back when I worked on the floor told me that when the consumer is laughing with you they are most likely in the buying mood. That can all but dissipate when the consumer encounters a FSM that lacks 'knowledge, confidence, and most importantly enthusiasm'. They must create an atmosphere and experience that does not invoke resistance to buy, but to one of openness to consider. I certainly like what Rick states in his Article that in an effort to plant the right TONE from the beginning you should tell your customer, "We know you've had some fun choosing a new vehicle and I want to make sure you have some fun in my office as well. As a matter of fact, there is a three-laugh minimum in here." Something like this will go a long way to improving the eventual outcome for both the consumer and the dealership. Building and expanding the 'knowledge, confidence, the enthusiasm along with the TONE of the FSMs interactions requires; Training/Coaching, Mentorship and practice/practice/practice. Some come by this naturally but many others need the on going support that comes from someone willing to put in the effort, and this is certainly why some FSMs perform better than others.

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