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Selling Today

Posted on 14 November, 2016 at 14:10

Selling today is not about the state of the economy, or any other factor you might consider, Its about the Seller, the individual, you. It's not about what you do for someone, it's about what you do and with someone. First creating a connection with the probable purchaser, then building a relationship of trust to 'EARN' their business. This is accomplished by asking good quality questions to seek out with eagerness 'WHY' they might need your product or service. What Selling is not, is presenting the probable purchaser with a 'Infomercial' of what you have to offer before anything else. As Sales Professionals we must 'Diagnose before we Proscribe'. Sales is not situational, it's individual. So what do you need to be successful; the right mind set, a developing skill set, ( its not a destination, its a journey.) , and a set of tools in your tool kit that will help you to compete in todays ever changing, eveer competive market place.   Start builiding on your abilities today.

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